Feb 04

OOPs Too Much Vodka For Russian Men

It would seem one of the most popular drinks originating from Russia also plays a big factor in the death vodka deathsrate. The latest results of a decade long study conducted by Russian Cancer Research Center in Moscow, WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer and Oxford University UK have concluded that huge amounts of alcohol consumption, mainly vodka, is related to so many men dying before the age of 55.

Compared to the UK where only 7% of men die before 55, Russia retains a much higher percentage of 25%. According to the study which followed 151 000 participants for the last 10 years, the main reason for this significant difference is mainly due to excess drinking. Alcohol poisoning,  liver failure, drunk driving and fights while intoxicated can most probably be linked with the 8000 people who died within the course of the study.

After interviewing the participants the research team concluded that a much higher risk is linked to those who consume three or more bottles per week as supposed to those who drink less than one bottle. A former study has been published in The Lancet 5 years ago by the same institutions based on 49 000 family members who lost loved ones in three typical cities (Tomsk, Byisk and Barnaul).

The families of the deceased were interviewed regarding drinking and smoking habits of the departed in order to get more clarity on the subject. It is safe to say that over the last 30 years Russia has seen various restrictions being implemented and uplifted with the changes in government. Presidents Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Putin (currently in office) all had their own respective opinions on how to handle the situation, leading to a fair amount of instability.

The research team also found that when alcohol restrictions were in place, consumption and death rates soon followed on a more positive note. The consumption rate alone dropped with 25%. With the fall of communism these figures were short lived so-to-speak and once again consumption and death started to escalate. In the course of Yeltsin’s reign the figure for young men dying doubled in light of the collapsing society and more readily available vodka.

Although the women of Russia also have a share in the statistics, their drinking habits are far less resulting in much lower death rates. However, it hasn’t always been stable and has followed the same pattern of raising and falling over the course of leadership. Co-author Dr. Paul Brennan was quoted saying that the changing habits from heavy drinkers to light drinkers and vice-versa, causing differences in the mortality rate they observed, highly underestimates the real danger of continual heavy drinking.

The same study shows that most of the people who drank were smokers. It goes without saying that this only encouraged the already high fatality rates. In 2006 the country decided to take more control of the situation, especially in the case of alcohol. Within these measures they implemented sales restrictions and increased taxes in hopes of acting as a safeguard.

Luckily their methods had some effect and research shows a decrease in death rates. What used to be a 37% fatality rate for men under 55 has fallen to 25%. This latest study has been published on 31 Jan 2014 in The Lancet.

Resource. http://www.wkrb13.com/world/255739/vodka-one-cause-death-rates-high-russia/

Feb 02

Lung Cancer Could Be Diagnosed Through Your Breathe

lung cancer on breathe

New research showing that lung cancer can be detected by identifying certain chemical compounds in the breath has emerged. By testing for the presence of these chemicals using high-tech sensors, the study shows that it is possible to diagnose lung cancer with exceptionally high accuracy. The study results were presented at the 50th annual meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.
When lung cancer cells are present, they release certain chemical compounds known as carbonyls. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which include ketones and aldehydes, are the ones which are tested.
Already, there are efforts underway to develop sensors that would help in carrying out this simple lung cancer test. Michael Bousamra together with other University of Louisville researchers has come up with a mass spectrometer and silicone microprocessor for use in lung cancer diagnosis.
In testing the device, Bousamra and the researchers, tested the breaths of patients whose CT scans had shown suspicious tumors. The breath tests were then compared to those of a biopsy. Patients whose breathalyzer results indicated high levels of 3 or 4 VOCs originating from cancer cells, were predicted to have malignant tumors. Comparison with biopsy results showed a 95 percent accuracy rate. When those VOCs were not detected in a patient’s breath, the prediction of benign tumors was at 80 percent.
Even though the findings were preliminary and are yet to be forwarded to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, the researchers are confident that the presence of cancer-specific carbonyls could indicate that a tumor is present.
Earlier efforts
This is not the first time that efforts to simplify lung cancer tests are being made. In 2012, researchers at Emory University’s Winship Cancer Institute published findings that confirmed the presence of VOCs in cancer patients. These VOCs were not present in patients without cancer. In total, the team of researchers found 75 VOCs that were cancer-specific.
Again in the same year a study was able to diagnose colon cancer at an accuracy of more than 8o percent. The diagnosis was done using fifteen VOCs that had been previously identified. Various other tests and studies have been done and continue to be done around the country in an effort to identify these cancer specific chemical compounds and develop highly accurate devices to detect them.
Big win for lung cancer diagnosis
If experts are able detect lung cancer that easily, it will be a big step in the fight against the disease. Statistically, lung cancer is a bigger killer than colon, breast and prostate cancer put together. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the low survival rate is late diagnosis of lung cancer patients. When it is caught late, it has already spread and metastasized. The survival rate even after treatment is around 25 percent. But when it is caught early enough, 75 percent of patients recover after treatment.
The sensors being developed would allow a doctor to detect lung cancer very early before it becomes hard to cure. The best developed device so far is one from Metabolomx in California. A calorimetric sensor developed by the company can measure up to 36 different VOCs. The company is working on an even more accurate device.

Jan 16

Is Walking Good Exercise For You

Benefits Of Walking For Youis walking good exercise

Walking is an easy, free and simple way for one to become healthier, shed weight and increase activity. Though underrated by most individuals, it is an ideal way of exercising for people of different age groups and fitness. Being physically active does not require one to perform vigorous workouts and for long periods for one to improve their health. So, is walking good exercise? I would say yes as below are some of the benefits of walking for health.

Enhances fitness.

Walking is an aerobic workout due to the fact that it makes one slightly breathless, warm and raises the heart rate. This enables a person to become fitter and hence enhancing the body’s use of oxygen. This eventually causes a person to become tired less often hence increasing the rate of activity.

Maintaining body shape.

Just like other forms of exercises, walking helps in burning of calories in the body. For example a person weighing about 60 kg, walking at 6.4 km each hour for a period of half an hour, burns about 150 calories. In order to lose excess weight, one is recommended to burn extra calories than what is being consumed in the body through drinking and eating. You will also be required to work out more than the usual 150 minutes each week.

Reduces back and joint pain.

In order to ensure proper functioning of the joints, one is advised to walk more often. Having regular walks makes sure your joints get the best form of workout. It also helps in strengthening of the bones as well as muscles. A healthy lifestyle that comprises of walking helps in protecting against osteoporosis which leads to weak bones. Walking is ideal for people with joint problems and osteoporosis as there is no great impact applied to the joints. Apart from alleviating pains in the joints, it also eliminates back pains.

Better sleep.

Regular activity guarantees better sleeping habits. However, one should not workout very soon before catching a nap. It is recommended that an individual creates an interval of four hours between sleep and workout to avoid disruption of sleep. It is however not wrong to have a gentle stroll before bedtime as it helps in winding down.

Improves mood.

Just like other forms of exercises, walking will help improve the mood of a person. It also helps in building self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress. Therefore, you could choose to walk to your place of work in order to start off the day feeling happier and calmer. All forms of workout result to the release of particular hormones known as endorphins. The hormones cause a person to feel naturally high hence causing a change in the body that eventually results to happier and better feelings.

Makes you energetic.

Most people worry about getting too much exhausted after walking. It is normal for one to feel this way in the first weeks. With time, one will gradually get used to this hence making them feel more energetic. People who walk often are more energetic compared to those that have little or no activity.

Stuck Indoors?

If getting out is very difficult you can always take some steady exercise with either a folding treadmill used at home or if you are really pushing it perhaps a spinning bike though that’s a much higher level of intensity type of exercise compared to walking  for exercise

Jan 05

Acute stress trauma can result from exposure via media

Post the Boston Marathon bombings, a study was conducted to analyze the link between stress symptoms and media exposure, consumption after any traumatic event. Media here meant exposure to some kind of screen like television or otherwise. The study suggested that suck kind of media exposure can have an impact on your mental health.

In fact, being exposed to media for at least six hours or more in a day in the week after the April 15 tragedy can lead to a higher degree of stress than being actually at or even near the marathon, as per the study done by the journal known as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

What this indicated was that even though direct exposure does have an impact, but media exposure tends to have a much stronger impact and lead to acute stress. This is not just about someone sitting in front of the television, but rather on being exposed to it repeatedly throughout the day through various sources of media.

Various symptoms of this acute stress would include intrusive thoughts, a feeling of being on edge, a feeling of being detached, and of avoiding any reminders of that particular event. And all these symptoms tend to increase with each additional hour of viewing these bombing related reports on TV, social media,besides video, print and even radio, or even your smartphone.

This study was done around two to four weeks after the Boston marathon bombings. The sample size was 4,675 adults. These included 846 Boston-area residents and there were 941 from New York City. This study was done to determine the acute stress responses, along with the degree of direct exposure to the bombings. Next was the impact of indirect exposure through media as well as any prior exposure to any other recent traumas pertaining to that community.

All this indicated that mass media had actually become a conduit through which negative consequences of community trauma were being transmitted, in addition to directly affecting the communities.

In fact, Silver had conducted a similar study after the terrorist attacks that happened on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the Iraq War.This study found that there was an increase in physical as well as psychological ailments that took place even up to three years later in those who had been indirectly exposed to these events. All that work was based on television exposure only and not on any other form of media exposure.

Oct 07

90s fashion Here We Go Again

90s fashion just seems to keep coming back

Hands up those of you that remember the 90s yep me too, for many 90s fashion feels but a heartbeat a way but for many people its something they are revisiting and using as an influence in todays fashions.

90s Fashion Today

Many of the catwalks are seeing 90s fashion creeping into some of there collections

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: ‘90s Trend Takeover | MTV

http://style.mtv.comFri, 13 Sep 2013 23:26:34 GMT

Trends from the 1990s got a redux on the Spring 2014 runways of New York Fashion Week.

And this can be seen in many pop stars of today using 90s fashion in the way that they prsent themselves, for somebody like me this seems very weird as the 90s seem like only yesterday however that is not the audience they are hitting , if you are 20 years or younger all this looks all very new.

Need To Know More About The 90s?



File:1990s decade montage. … a popular TV show that dominated throughout the ‘90s as well. Baywatch , a popular TV show that dominated …

90s Style Is Back In Fashion. See Rihanna, Rachel Zoe, Jourdan

http://www.graziadaily.co.ukSat, 14 Sep 2013 17:11:27 GMT

Everyone from A-listers to lil miss fashionista s have been spotted rocking the 90s look ever since it first appeared on Autumn Winter runways at Henry Holland s show last year. If there was any doubt…

The thing with all decades and 90s fashion will be no different it all comes round in the end, however whats amazing is each time it comes round it always has a twist that makes it look like its totally new and original and thats what I love about fashion from any era.

Oct 01

Whats Going On In Fashion 2013

So the evenings are getting shorter and the clothes for most of us are getting warmer as the weather gets colder except for you lucky chaps in warm climes.Must remind myself to live somewhere warm one day.

So what are the big fashion trends this winter well so lets look at what the catwalks and magazines say DicE Magazine x NEIGHBORHOOD 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

http://stupiddope.comMon, 30 Sep 2013 11:45:33 GMT

Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated forthcoming Fall/Winter 2o13 collection. Typically filled with stupidDOPE.com | Music, Fashion, Travel, Art & More! StupidDope

And lets not forget the guys now….

Selected Homme Autumn/Winter 2013 Men’s Lookbook

http://www.fashionbeans.comWed, 25 Sep 2013 14:03:19 GMT

See the Selected Homme Autumn/Winter 2013 Men’s Look book at Fashio nBeans. See the full collection of images for Selected Homme.

So You Need More ideas OK then………..

Fashion Ideas for Fall Winter 2013 | JetsetBabe

http://jetsetbabe.comThu, 19 Sep 2013 19:36:55 GMT

Fashion ideas for Fall Winter 2013. Fashion outfits & looks to look great in winter. Jackets, coats & warm clothes.

And what are others saying on what they feel will be the trends in winter 2013….

Fashion Agent

Mon Sep 30 19:30:52 +0000 2013

Gerhard Freidl Dons the Fall/Winter 2013 Collections for DT Spain http://t.co/bBO3AYYohe #fashion

Design Life Network

Mon Sep 30 19:26:47 +0000 2013

Find out what to wear for Fall/Winter – watch @Balmain’s Runway Show on #trends #fashion http://t.co/676uN5m6Bg http://t.co/4raTIvmIRK

Sep 30

Health Its So Vital

These days so many family’s are in in such a rush that health gets pretty low on the list of important stuff. But as we all know when we suffer less then good health our quality of life also suffers.

I think this article makes these points really well

Molly Butz: Take a closer look at your family’s health habits – The Oshkosh Northwestern

http://news.google.com<Mon, 30 Sep 2013 14:34:45 GMT

Molly Butz: Take a closer look at your family’s health habitsThe Oshkosh Northwestern Healthy Oshkosh: Community Collaborations Foster …: This weeks topic is concussions with football and other sports everyone should be aware. Healthy Oshkosh is a c …

Often cost is something that comes up around eating well, and though it is of course a big factor its surprising what you can do with a little .

How to Feed Your Family Healthy Meals on a Tight Budget

See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad: http://bit.ly/11ZmFOu Watch more How to Manage Your Money videos: http://www.h…